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A Bee-yond Buzzworthy Background!


Many Face​s​. Many Hats.

Jill Anderson

Expert & Strategist

I've publicized and marketed just about everything from burgers to  biotech, 

NASDAQ stocks to software, 

hi-tech gadgets to hot tubs,

newspapers to non-profits and politics to  grassroots campaigns. 

Plus, a hit Hollywood film (or two) .

Digital Diva

I love technology when it comes to marketing and PR -- especially video, infographics, social media and YouTube.

Video makes content come alive and gets better audience engagement too.


I've got a great idea!!

I'm always creating, always innovating.  My motto is "don't be afraid to try something new" -- inspired by  

Teddy Roosevelt who said, "The credit goes to the man who is acutally in the arena....if he fails, at least he fails by daring greatly..."

Just Jen

Personal Note

I try my best everyday to stay in the moment and to plan for the future, by living in the present.

During dinner, a 6 year-old decided to draw my portrait.  This is the stuff that makes my life worth living!  

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